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The TempAlert will let you know if you are using the correct cooking temperature. By looking at your TempAlert, you will know whether to increase or decrease the temperature. The Green Zone is the Perfect Zone!

By cooking in proper temperatures, you retain more of the vitamins, minerals, nutrients and flavor in your vegetables. Also, you will save money by reducing food shrinkage by cooking in proper temperatures.
The open construction of the handles in high finish makes for a more solid hold. The units are comfortable to carry, since the handles do not heat up. At the same time, they serve as practical holders for the lid.
The trivet feature allows you to use the cover of your cooking unit as a support stand to prevent scorching or burning of surfaces.
The special Nutrithermic Compact Base, with the force of 1.2 tons, gets inseparably adhered to the 1.0mm thick pot body made out of several light-metal layers. The bottom picks up even the lowest amount of energy extremely quickly, distributes it evenly over the entire surface and conserves it perfectly. These attributes guarantee optimal heat conduction, distribution and conservation.
Each and every piece of Nutri-Stahl Cookware is manufactured of the exacting standards of the Nutri-Steel-24 design criterion. This unique Nutri-Steel-24 element alloy process separates Lake Industries from the competition. Nutri-Steel-24 helps insure even cooking, maximum durability and saves time with easy cleaning.
The lid is constructed to fit perfectly and to ensure that the cooking container is closed. The condensation groove takes in the hot humid air and forms a thin layer of water between pot and lid, which closes the pot almost air-tight. This means no evaporation and no unpleasant kitchen odors - the precious nutrients cannot escape!
The edge of every NUTRI-STAHL pot and pan is designed to ensure that there is no drip when pouring directly from the unit. This feature is particularly beneficial by reducing mess in the kitchen and eliminating the need to use ladles.
Combine your cookware to save time, conserve space and utilize your cookware more efficiently.
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